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How Do I Apply?

Just click “Apply Now” on our homepage and start flying through the process. If you struggle to figure it out, maybe consider taking a gap year.

Once we are fully reserved for 2024, you can join our waiting list here.

What Documentation Will I Need To Apply?

We need to make sure you exist and aren’t wanted by The Hawks, so you’ll need the following boring docs:

  • ID/ passport of Parent/ Guarantor
  • ID/ passport od Student
  • Parent’s/Guardian’s 3-month bank statements (showing income)
  • Parent’s/Guardian’s latest 3 x Payslips
  • Proof of Registration at the Tertiary Institution (If applicable)

Who Can Live At Volley Brooklyn?

Any student with a sense of humour or who at least says hey to other Volley residents passing by.

How Do I View A Room?

Take a room tour right here on this website. If you wanna get a feel for the place, you can book an appointment on our website too. This option will only be available from 20 Oct 2023 at Volley Brooklyn.

How Do I Know If My Application Has Been Received?

We’ve got our eyes on all the application forms that come our way. But here’s the deal: due to the crazy demand and our limited capacity to reply individually, we won’t be able to send personal love letters to each application. If you don’t hear back from us within 72 hours, consider it a bummer. Your application for that particular unit just didn’t make the cut this time. Keep your fingers crossed for the next application.

How Do I Know Exactly Which Room I’ve Been Allocated?

One of the reasons people love Volley is that you can choose the exact room you want, like booking seats on a plane. If for some reason we can’t give you the room you’ve applied for, we’ll give you a call and hook you up with a similar option. Please note that it helps to pay your deposit before calling it yours.

What Fees Are Payable With My Application?

Upon approval of your application, an application & admin fee of R1,400 (Also includes your onboarding pack) and a refundable deposit of one month’s rent is due. The deposit will be fully refunded at the end of your lease, provided there are no damages or missing items from your apartment.

What year am I applying for?

We want you to stick around. All leases are 12-month leases (From 15 January 2024 until 10 January 2025. Non-negotiable). Here is a downloadable PDF of our lease.

House Rules

Look guys and girls, now that you’re living properly, we must ensure that everyone’s on the same page. We’ve condensed our rules for you to follow below.

You can also download the full monty as a PDF here.

Download PDF

Who Can Live At Volley Brooklyn?

You must be a student to live at Volley Brooklyn. Please leave dogs and parents at home.

Noise Levels

Even though we love hearing you sing in the shower, your fellow residents might be trying to sleep or finish some work. Always be considerate. No noise between 10 pm and 8 am. No gatherings after 10pm.


All smoking must remain outdoors in designated smoking areas, even vapes. Smoking buds are bad for the environment and ruin the vibe so always dispose of them carefully.

Common Spaces

All common spaces must be treated like your grandma’s porch. We have cameras in common spaces that will be used to identify anyone who doesn’t clean up or respect the common spaces.


We encourage all residents to consider the impact they’re making on the environment. Global warming is a real thing. We insist that you don’t waste water, use the recycling bins and conserve electricity.


If you have been allocated a bay, you may only park in that bay. We monitor all vehicles on CCTV and will deliver fines faster than the traffic department to any vehicles that park where they’re not supposed to. Also, vandalism is a criminal offence.


A resident is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of their guests when they’re on the property. Guests must sign in at reception with their driving license or ID. All guests not on the lease must leave the property by 11 pm without disturbing the other residents. If your guest is sleeping over, you will need to tell us using the Volley app. Forgetting or choosing not to do so will come with a R1,000 fine.


The communal laundry facilities are for resident use only. They must be unloaded properly and kept clean. Residents may not stop a fellow resident’s cycle – that’s just rude. And washing mustn’t be left unattended.

Theft and Vandalism

Damaging or theft of another residents’ property will not be tolerated at Volley Brooklyn and guilty parties may be charged for damage/loss. Theft and vandalism is a criminal offence. No jokes.


Harassment of any form by a resident and/or their guests has no place at Volley Brooklyn. Any serious incidents of harassment may lead to the immediate termination of residency.

Anti-social Behaviour

Volley has zero-tolerance for bullying, abusive, threatening or destructive behaviour. This includes excessive noise, drunkenness, the selling/possession of illegal drugs, possession of weapons, vandalism, harassment, assault or abusive behaviour. Failure to comply with our anti-social policy may result in immediate eviction. Don’t be that person.


We love puppies but unfortunately a resident shall not keep any pets within or on the property. Watch animal memes instead.

Rooms and Maintenance

A lot of time will be spent in your room “studying” so we need to make sure everything is in order for your safety and the safety of fellow residents. So please read the following rules carefully:

1. Volley Brooklyn management reserves the right to enter any room when deemed necessary.

2. A resident shall accept all reasonable responsibilities for their bedroom and all its contents.

3. A resident shall maintain all fittings, furnishings in a good and sound condition.

4. A resident shall be responsible for all damages to their bedroom, or to the property in general, resulting from negligent or willful acts by them and/or their guests caused to a Volley Student Living property. Any damage must be reported to the management team promptly.

5. A resident shall not paint, deface, wallpaper, or make any structural alterations. Prestick may only be used to affix things to the walls.

6. A resident shall not attempt/effect any repairs by themselves.

7. No furniture is to be removed from any bedroom. No additional furniture is permitted to any room in the residence without first obtaining permission from the management.

8. Furniture, fittings and equipment provided in any communal area of the property belonging to Volley Brooklyn, is not permitted to be removed from the respective area. Such items are to be treated with all due care and regard. (No communal items are allowed to be stored in one’s room)

9. A resident may have a refrigerator, a fan, and oil heater or wall heater in their bedroom. We will supply refrigerators, kettles and toasters in each room or flat. Under no circumstances will any open bar heaters be permitted. This is for safety reasons.

10. The throwing or dropping of any article from a window, or within any area internally by a resident or guest is prohibited and may result in termination of residency.

11. No incense, fragrant candles, or essential burners are to be lit. We know what that means.


We are all in this together. Please help us wherever possible in ensuring that these rules are being followed. Our rules are formulated with a view to the safety and welfare of a resident, consideration for the needs of others, and for the protection of our property.


Do I Have Payment Options?

We provide you with a few different options. Choose from three convenient payment options: 12 monthly payments, 3 triannual payments, or a single annual payment. Please note the rental annual amount will always come the same amount. If you choose the monthly payment option, you will have to pay December’s rent in the beginning of November.

What Kind Of Lease Is It?

We want you to stick around. All leases are 12-month leases (From 15 January 2024 until 10 January 2025. Non-negotiable). Here is a downloadable PDF of our lease.

Download PDF

What’s Included In My Rent?

1. Your fully furnished room with a Smart TV, bed, wardrobe, desk, kitchenette (incl. cutlery & crockery), bathroom etc.

2. Super fast uncapped WiFi

3. Access to all amenities & services. The breakdown of this can be seen on the website.

4. Access to your own Volley Dashboard

What additional monthly costs will I have to pay?

Parking: R365/ month (If you would like parking)
Water & Electricity: Pay as you go
Energy Security Fee (Solar, Invertors, Generator & Batteries): R115/ month.

Here’s our 2024 rental price list


When Do I Check-in?

Great news! Now that you’ve signed the lease, you can choose a date and time on your Volley Profile to check in at Volley Brooklyn. If you have any scheduling conflicts, let us know, and we’ll find a solution. Check-ins begin on January 15, 2024.

How Do I Check-in?

Come to the property during your allocated check-in slot and make yourself known to the community manager who will assist further.

How Do I Get Access To Volley Brooklyn And My Room?

When you arrive you’ll be linked up to our properly secure advanced access card system (very fancy, we know) which will give you access to the building, common areas and most importantly, your new room.

What Should I Bring?

Your room is fully furnished and fitted, all you need to bring is your own linen, mattress protector, duvet and pillows, all sized for a 3/4 bed. And maybe a few sentimental items from home if this is your first time out of the house.

What Shouldn’t I Bring?

All kitchenware is included but you may bring your mom’s favourite mug.


When Do I Check-out?

All good things must come to an end. Please check out by 11 am on your check-out date on or before 10 Jan 2025.

How Do I Check-out?

After leaving your room, please drop your smart card off at reception.

Do I Need To Clean Before I Leave?

Lucky for you, we’ve got that covered, just make sure to take all of your belongings with you. Anything left behind will only be stored for a week, after which it will be donated to our charity of choice.


Is Making Friends At Volley Brooklyn Easy?

Voley Brooklyn is all about community and none of that Pretoria cliqueness. Our spaces are built to encourage interaction and we pride ourselves on the friendliness of our residents. We firmly believe that great communities are built on great relationships, which is why we will host events like our weekly “Volley Running Club” on Saturdays to help our residents forge new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

What’s A Volley Mate?

A Volley Mate is an ambassador of the Volley Student Living movement. A resident who represents everything we stand for and helps other residents to enjoy their time with us. To apply to become a Volley Mate, please mention your interest at the reception.


Is There Wifi Available?

Of course, Volley Brooklyn comes with free High-Speed Fibre Optic (20mbps) and don’t worry about load shedding, we have a generator, solar and backup batteries to keep your episode streaming.

Is There Parking Available?

Parking is available at an extra cost and subject to availability.

Is There A Gym?

For those who want to keep their bodies in proper shape, we have an outdoor gym that you can use.

Will My Room Be Cleaned?

We can offer a cleaning service at an extra cost.

Where Are The Laundry Facilities?

The laundry facilities are located on the ground floor of building D, these are available 24/7. Feel like a proper adult yet?

Is There Storage Space?

Your room comes with proper large cupboards and shelf space.

Is there on-site food and beverage available?

Yes, we have an on-site Platō Coffee shop and also a 24/7 vending machines (a fancy one that works with a card)

Is there a study centre?

Yes, you will have 24/7 access to our air-conditioned and noise proof study centre.

Water & Electricity

Water and electricity is not included within your rent, and is on a pay-as-you-go basis. The amount is dependent on usage – and yes, now that you’ve left home you’ll realise why your parents always told you to turn the lights off when you leave the house.


What To Do If You Lose Your Volley Card?

Due to our secure smart card system, you can just let us know and we’ll cancel it for you. A replacement card will cost R150.

What To Do In The Case Of A Fire?

We run fire drills to prepare for such situations and have clearly marked fire exits throughout the building.

Who To Call In The Case Of Any Other Emergency?

Here’s a list of Volley Brooklyn’s emergency contacts:

1. ETIENNE MARITZ 24/7 AND MEDICAL – 083 457 7329

2. AMBULANCE – 10177

3. FIRE AND RESCUE – (021) 5351100

4. ER24 — 084124

5. NETCARE 911 – 082911

6. COMMUNITY MEDICS (FREE) – 0872300404

7. POLICE – 10111

8. RAPE CRISIS – 021-447-9762

9. SUICIDE HELPLINE – 0800-567-567


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