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May 26

The Evolution of Volley Student Living

It gives me great pleasure to pen a few words about the evolution of the Volley Student Living brand.

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant shift in the way student housing is designed, developed, and marketed across the world. And why wouldn’t there be? With an overwhelming influx of new students enrolling into universities and Gen Z having very specific demands, student housing has become a top-performing asset class if done right.

So, it’s no surprise that there’s been a huge increase in demand for high-quality, innovative student housing in university towns that cater to the unique needs of this generation. Europe and the US have set the bar high with their creative student housing developments, and now the rest of the world is following suit.

In South Africa, some amazing student housing projects are being completed or are underway at key universities, offering students unique and cutting-edge housing options. I got in on the action back in 2016 and pioneered a student development in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The goal was to provide students with something truly special and great, and I think we succeeded!

The development brought together 12 plots of land, almost 2 hectares, right next to the University of Pretoria. And now, the completed first and second phases are leading the way in student housing in Pretoria.

The experience I gained during that season was truly remarkable and it ignited my imagination. I spent several months reflecting, researching the market, and meticulously preparing for my next venture.

In early 2022, I decided to join forces with property entrepreneur Andries Levi Pretorius, united by our shared vision of creating something truly exceptional. Our partnership is dedicated to not only provide a valuable experience for the next generation of students, as I aimed to do in my previous project, but to also offer an exciting investment opportunity for individuals like you. Enter Volley. Enter carefully crafted student living for the next generation.

Volley is a luxury & design-led student hospitality and accommodation brand, offering students the finest levels of service and unrivalled facilities, located close to elite universities across South Africa. The Volley brand represents a comprehensive approach to student living, encompassing not just comfort but also a focus on the holistic needs of students, including mental wellness, career planning, and work readiness preparation.

Volley Brooklyn is the inaugural development under the Volley brand, perfectly positioned only 950 meters away from the main entrance of the University of Pretoria. We welcome all who share this journey with us and invite you to become an owner in one of the 41 carefully crafted apartments alongside EasyProperties who have already reserved 8 units.